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Laurence Sterne


The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
Chapter 37

Which shews, let your reverences and worships say what you will of it (for as for thinking—all who do think—think pretty much alike both upon it and other matters)—Love is certainly, at least alphabetically speaking, one of the most

A gitating

B ewitching

C onfounded

D evilish affairs of life—the most

E xtravagant

F utilitous

G alligaskinish

H andy-dandyish

I racundulous (there is no K to it)and

L yrical of all human passions: at the same time, the most

M isgiving

N innyhammering

O bstipating

P ragmatical

S tridulous

R idiculous

—though by the bye the R should have gone first—But in short ’tis of such a nature, as my father once told my uncle Toby upon the close of a long dissertation upon the subject—’You can scarce,’ said he, ’combine two ideas together upon it, brother Toby, without an hypallage’— What’s that? cried my uncle Toby.

The cart before the horse, replied my father—

—And what is he to do there? cried my uncle Toby.

Nothing, quoth my father, but to get in—or let it alone.

Now widow Wadman, as I told you before, would do neither the one or the other.

She stood however ready harnessed and caparisoned at all points, to watch accidents.


(Voces de Sandra, Leila, Elena, Meliza)

Tristam Shandy:

(Voces de Elena y Meliza)

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3 comentarios:

Un trabajo muy original y muy bien hecho.

El comentario a la obra y la descripción del amor en español a través del abecedario, perfectos.

Mi enhorabuena a todas las participantes.

7 de junio de 2010, 8:15  

Me ha encantado, Ana, los alumnos han hecho una lectura estupenda. Muy interesante el comentario de la obra de Sterne, y original la descripción del amor en español siguiendo las letras del abecedario. Chic@s sois unos verdaderos expertos, no hay duda!!!

7 de junio de 2010, 14:53  

Mis felicitaciones, chicas, habéis hecho un trabajo estupendo. Al final no resultó tan difícil como pensábais, ¿no?.
Gracias por vuestra reflexión e implicación.

8 de junio de 2010, 1:41  

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